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Designed with functions suitable for food storage and microwave cooking, to support modern eating styles.

Microwave ContainersA range of products including microwave pots and storage containers, to make microwave cooking easier and more accessible.

Glass pots that include recipes for easy microwave cooking.
Excellent for "eco-cooking" that makes microwave ovens even more versatile.

Storage ContainersFood storage solutions with a variety of containers that combine functionality with design sense.

Storage containers that can be used for a wide range of applications, they include glass containers, airtight containers equipped with locks and seals, and containers featuring silver ion antimicrobial treatment.

Rice StockersRice can be stored to stay fresh and delicious.
Even large storage containers can be sealed tightly.

An extensive lineup including rice stockers with useful measuring functions, drawer-type rice bins that are convenient in modular kitchens, and airtight rice stockers to protect their contents from moisture and dust.