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Pursuing ease of use from many different perspectives, this is a lunch box series with outstanding functionality and design.

Men's Lunch BoxesLunch boxes designed for ease of use as items that are used every day.

A convenient lunch box series for everyday use with high functionality added to its stylish design, which is simple and incorporates the latest trends.

Ladies' Lunch BoxesLunch boxes that have charming, attractive designs while maintaining their ease of use.

The adorable designs and colors of this lunch box series can add a bit of brilliance to your daily lunchtime, while also having high consideration for functionality.

Thermal lunch boxLunch boxes with a function of keeping hot even outside home.

A diverse assortment of thermal lunch boxes, including one for café rice-bowl lunches enabling users to carry along lunch dishes served in a large bowl.
A choice of products for every purpose, including thermal lunch boxes with special bags and soup bottles.

Lunch Boxes and Mugs and TumblerA variety of features are available, such as dirt-resistant finishes, compatibility with microwave use, and hot/cold insulation.

A full lineup of lunch boxes and mugs with outstanding hot and cold temperature retention using a vacuum-insulated structure.